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About Us

SupermanDirector: Dorothy Hobbs   Administrator:  Karen Cooper

Why send your child to Pines Presbyterian Preschool?  Because we are committed to teaching the whole child.  Our curriculums are age appropriate and holistic, so that children learn life skills as well as academics.  Our goals are to support each child in their early development to becoming a confident, self-sufficient and caring individual.

A Weekday Christian Program

Our classes offer age-appropriate learning experiences led by nurturing professional teachers who help students to:

  • Discover Christian faith through an atmosphere of love and concern
  • Develop curiosity and an inquiring mind
  • Learn about the world around them and appropriate social interaction with their peers

Team Teaching

Two teachers in most classes provides a smaller teacher/child ratio which enhances development of all skills with more personal attention for each child.

Music and Motor Skills

Academics are supplemented by a variety of enrichment activities that allow children to explore songs, rhythm, instruments, dance, games, equipment and large-muscle activities. Each class has developmentally appropriate activities. We use blocks, manipulatives, books and opportunities for dramatic play, water activities, cooking and music in the learning centers. During group times your child will enjoy stories, a snack, music, finger plays, and other motor skill activities. All the children will have an opportunity to play outside or in the gym each day.

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