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Bridge Class Curriculum



September  Something special I did this summer, triangles, forest animals
October  Red, farm, white, Halloween
November Favorite books, fruits and vegetables, Thanksgiving, musical instruments
December Blue, Christmas/Hanukkah
January Families, winter, dinosaur, yello, bears
February Bears, valentines, rodeo, purple, brown
March Puppets, spring, rectangles
April Shoes, hats, Easter, community helpers
May Pets, green, orange, summer, plans

Bridge class activities









Activities in Centers

Blocks Books/Library Post office
Dramatic play Puzzles Housekeeping
 Playdoh Science Name game (individual concepts)
Manipulatives Water play  Art 
Rice table  Crafts  Carpentry 
Board games  Grocery  Writing table 









Large Group Activities

Lippincott Beginning Readiness Workbooks; Show & Tell (language and listening experiences)

 Jobs Musical instruments  Experience stories 
Gross motor Story time  Outside play 
Theater dramatics Finger plays  Puppets 
Field trips Calendar  Table manners (snack/lunch) 
 Weather Create big books  Whole language