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Bridge Class

The Pines Bridge Class is for those students who have summer or fall birthdays and are not ready to enter kindergarten. We have a stimulating curriculum with active play to encourage growth and curiosity.

This is how our day is planned:


Each student is assigned a day of the week. The child brings an item from home that relates to the theme of the week.  Sharing time provides an opportunity to develop confidence in speaking before a group, language development and listening skills.

An opportunity for the students to make choices from centers such as art, cooking, games, math activities, listening activities, language development, writing, blocks housekeeping, manipulatives, books and special centers such as carpenter bench, water/sand table, grocery store, post office, etc.


Students set the table, pass and pour their own water. A time to socialize             and practice manners.
OUTSIDE PLAY:35-40 minutes—weather permitting

Reinforce days of the week, the name of the month, the year and numerals
1-31. Graph the weather and count the days of the week.
LUNCH:Approximately 20 minutes to eat lunch and visit with peers

After snack and after lunch the students will participate in a class lesson.                 Group activities include playing games, doing math activities, sorting skills,             sequencing, practicing numeral and letter recognition, counting, introducing             songs, extending language experiences through drama and making big gooks,         etc. During this time we do the Lippincott Beginning Readiness workbooks.             We take field trips including the grocery store, the fire station, the                     dentist, the vet, etc.

To see the Bridge Class curriculum, click here.
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